Going to be the place to be for crafters... no, for everyone! June 14 &15. Brooklyn, NY.
Ill be there with ReadyMade Magazine.




I just remembered Kern's is the best juice ever.


One Mans Teenage Time Capsule.

I think i was doing a google search for Manresa beach once, and somehow came across this guys website "Pictures of My Past..." with pictures from his teenage years growing up in the bay area in the late 70s early 80s. Its always kind of haunting/nostalgic to see old pictures, especially old pictures in places youve grown up in. This is a virtual time capsule of this guys early life. Some of my favorite categories are "My 16th birthday" and "Hi-4H Beach Party".

All plants considered.

This site has every plant genus and species listed, with several pictures and illustrations for each.


South Willard.



Tiny Meat.

I came across Tiny Meat at Maker Fair in San Mateo this past weekend. They make wallets and passport cases out of pictures that have essentially been sandwiched between two layers of clear vinyl. Very durable and unique. I bought the wallet pictured above.
Check out their Etsy store:

Melanie the King.

Melanie King is one of my favorite local artists. A great aesthetic, and a great belief in the principles behind her artwork.




Sharks... watch out, theyre in the water. In the past month or so, within 4 days of each other, two shark attacks have taken the lives of a swimmer and a surfer along the pacific (one in solana beach and the other not much farther down in baja). The first attack in solana beach was the first deadly shark attack in southern california in more then 15 years, and the second was the first shark attack in that region in 30 years. The close proximity of these two events makes you wonder if they were more than just a coincidence, or if the two events were triggered by something greater... in the meantime, sharks will kill you, stay out of the water.