Cool company. RVCA is one of those lone brands to keep its underground feel, and still appeal to the masses. They do a pretty great job at not distinguishing themselves with any demographic. Not only do they make some great cloths, but they also support a network of artists and people who are doing all around cool things.


Also, if you're in the San Fran area, i would say to check out their physical store: VASF. Its pretty great. (http://www.rvcaclothing.com/vasf/blog/).


Jay Adams

Thomas Campbell

This guy is doing some fun stuff... worth taking a closer look.


Thought this was cool...

Rain Wilson was at NEBY 2008, Baha'i Conference. I wasn't there, but these pictures are courtesy of my friend Golnaz Namdar...


A magazine I really believe in, and have believed in since day one. I am lucky enough to work for them, and while I might be biased, they really are a bomb mag...

Green Tee Clothing Co

One of my favorite companies at POOL was Green Tee Clothing Co. A green minded business, with sweet t-shirt designs, and a really nice group of people. Apparently some of their designs were bought by Macy's during the show, so you might be able to find their stuff pretty soon at a Macy's near you.


I recently had the pleasure of attending POOL Trade Show (http://www.pooltradeshow.com/) in Las Vegas. I was there as an exhibitor, with ReadyMade Magazine. It was really neat to see all the cool things people are doing. I met a lot of interesting people, doing a lot of interesting things. It was inspiring to see the kids from organik (theorganik.com) who created a t-shirt line from their garage in Hawaii, and the guys from IMONNI (imonni.com) who were somehow able to create of seamless mix of Japanese street fashion with Long Beach'ian cholo wear. There were so many cool folks, cool products and cool ideas at POOL, ill keep posting as i remember what i saw.

Another Try

Its been a while since ive last blogged, but its time to get back at it, I know the people are dying to hear what I have to say. Actually, I don't have a whole lot to say, but every now and again there'll be something I want to share with my friends, so Im hoping this will be the appropriate place to do so.