I went to a place called Outerlands for lunch yesterday in the Sunset neighborhood of sf. The food was GOOD, and im pretty sure organic, and the space itself was awesome. Almost the entire interior of the building is covered with salvaged wood, and even some drift wood found on Ocean Beach, just a few blocks away. eat at Outerlands.

picture taken from Yelp.com



If you like the surfing, or even if you dont yet, you'll probably like this blog. It belongs to Dane Reynolds. Hes a surfer, and hes good. I usually like the music he sets his videos to. Theres also some cool artsy designy stuff going on... not sure who's responsible, but its cool from time to time.



I realized that one reason I like summer is bc I have more time to decide what I want to do with my day. In the winter, by the time I get my act together and start to think about the possibilities of the day to come, its already getting dark, and I usually just decide to call it a day.


"Teeluxe supports independent publishing". This basically means that they sell zines, books, dvds, shirts, etc that just about anybody can put together and sell for however much they want. You find some really unique stuff on there, especially the zines. I just ordered a bunch, and am waiting for them to come in the mail from Australia. It seems like most of the stuff they sell is surf inspired, but not all of it.