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SoupLove just got its first official review! Heidi Swanson was nice enough to write about the book, on her blog 101cookbooks. She tested one of the recipes and had a lot of nice things to say about the book. Check out the posting:


Souplove- New Locations and on the Internet!

I recently had the opportunity to illustrate a soup recipe book, for chef Rebecca Stevens. The book is called SoupLove, and has 12 simple, seasonal soup recipes. Rebecca is a great chef, and her recipes are amazing, and many are perfect for the novice soup maker! Pick up a copy at any of the following locations:

In San Francisco:
Cafe Gratitude
The Curiosity Shoppe
The Gardener
The General Store

In Berkeley:
Cafe Gratitude
The BioFuel Oasis
The Ecology Center
The Gardener
Local 123
Rick and Ann's Restaurant

In Oakland:
Atomic Garden
Heart Ware- 510.655.9806

In Mountain View:
The Milk Pail