Photographs by Kasra Eliasieh.

My good friend Kasra Eliasieh recently took a trip to India and Japan, and photographed his journey along the way. Please take a look at his amazing photographs: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kasraeliasieh.
The result is a collection of very professional and inspiring works.


Funs Enough Reason for Me.

Mike LaFavore recently quit his very high ranking position as Meredith Corporation's editorial director. When asked why he was leaving, he responded: "I’m not having as much fun as I’d liked. Editorial director of a company is a tough job... The magazines are in good shape, and I want to get back to doing more editorial work. I just thought it was time.”
Its refreshing to see that even people in high ranking positions know their limits, and are able to consider their own happiness when choosing a career path. I admire his ability to make this decision.


Digital Water.

Water Magazine has a digital version available for free online. Save paper and money.



Im not sure what the word means, but its a great blog. A glimpse into the mind of May Allen, its an inspired collection of unique finding, and some of her own creations. A few of my favorite posts include "Craft" and "2002 Pilgrimage Sketches" (especially the ones drawn in the rain).



My Childhood.

My sister (Samira) and I realized the other day that eating taco truck tacos in the back of my dad's Oldsmobile was one of our earliest memories. I wonder what this says about our upbringing, and our current state as adults? I can vividly recall a carne asada soft taco from when i was four, but not a whole lot more from that time in my life.


Dane Reynolds.

This was made by one of my favorite surfers, Dane Reynolds. It looks like its a photograph of a collage made during a trip in France, probably during a competition. I really like the black and white photos (look closely, some are really great pictures) and the nonchalant way the whole thing was put together.