Five Days on Paradise

Check out this cool video by my friend Mike. It was made in Las Vegas, looking out the window of the Sahara.

Five Days On Paradise - video short from Mike Senese on Vimeo.


Fight Sequence.

Featuring: cousin Shaadee and my brother Faizi, from a few years ago. I guess its not so much a fight as it is Shaadee taking Faizi out with her high kick.


Bad Memories.

I always think about how old memories, no matter what you actually think about them as they are happening, always present themselves as these nostalgic moments that you'd pay anything to relive. I wonder if you made a conscious effort to remember good memories as good, and bad memories as bad, that you'd have a more accurate vision of your past? Or maybe it's inevitable, your mind turns everything into good memories as time goes by, and you have no choice but to remember everything in your life so far as the best times ever??
I read this article written by Dane Reynolds in the most recent issue of SURFING mag where he talks about the trickery of looking back:
"This is great!! Virs and I haven't done a surf trip since I was 16. My thoughts drift to those long lonely roads of Baja, where I drove our borrowed car as fast and straight as I could, as he gulped beer and chose the music. We got halfway down the peninsula, only to realize we didn't have any supplies and the waves were flat. Funny how time can turn trips like that into fond memories." Then referring to a trip he is on while writing this article: "We're all weary now... I think about the Baja trip again. Time transformed an awful trip into good memories. What will I remember of this trip as time passes?"