It's a Dog's Life.

This lady wins all kinds of awards for transforming her dog into different things. They call it creative grooming. I don't want to say too much, because I can do no justice to what she has to offer on her site:


One Got Fat.

This is BY FAR one of my favorite video clips on the internet. It's a bicycle safety video from the 70's. The characters are a little off-putting at first, but once you get past that, the style of the video, the music and especially the narrator's voice will make you love it.
Watch the whole video, its a longer one, but the title will make a lot of sense if you watch it until the very end.


I Like Turtles.

It's videos like this that really make me so thankful that someone invented youtube.


Commute Entertainment.

I passed this truck on my way to work the other day. It's a hose company, and their mascot (who is a hose) is named Jose. Get it? Hose... Jose.


Not Dismissed.

This site lets you see what people miss, and tell people what you miss. Simple and awesome.



Five Days on Paradise

Check out this cool video by my friend Mike. It was made in Las Vegas, looking out the window of the Sahara.

Five Days On Paradise - video short from Mike Senese on Vimeo.


Fight Sequence.

Featuring: cousin Shaadee and my brother Faizi, from a few years ago. I guess its not so much a fight as it is Shaadee taking Faizi out with her high kick.


Bad Memories.

I always think about how old memories, no matter what you actually think about them as they are happening, always present themselves as these nostalgic moments that you'd pay anything to relive. I wonder if you made a conscious effort to remember good memories as good, and bad memories as bad, that you'd have a more accurate vision of your past? Or maybe it's inevitable, your mind turns everything into good memories as time goes by, and you have no choice but to remember everything in your life so far as the best times ever??
I read this article written by Dane Reynolds in the most recent issue of SURFING mag where he talks about the trickery of looking back:
"This is great!! Virs and I haven't done a surf trip since I was 16. My thoughts drift to those long lonely roads of Baja, where I drove our borrowed car as fast and straight as I could, as he gulped beer and chose the music. We got halfway down the peninsula, only to realize we didn't have any supplies and the waves were flat. Funny how time can turn trips like that into fond memories." Then referring to a trip he is on while writing this article: "We're all weary now... I think about the Baja trip again. Time transformed an awful trip into good memories. What will I remember of this trip as time passes?"


Man & Feline Reunite.

Brought to us by Samira Samadani.


This is not a paper cup.

This is a ceramic cup thats made to look like a paper coffee cup (the lid is made from silicone). It's built like a thermos, keeping hot drinks hot, and cold drinks cold. And, its environmentally friendly. Check it out at: http://www.momastore.org/museum/moma/ProductDisplay_I%20Am%20Not%20A%20Paper%20Cup_10451_10001_48661_-1_11515_11516_null_shop__


Man decorates basement with $10 worth of Sharpies

A kentucky man illustrated all 4+ walls of his basement with $10 worth of Sharpies. Check out this site, it has a 360 view of the room, pretty crazy:


CA Coastal Clean Up Day! Sat Sept. 20th.

This Saturday (9/20, 9am- Noon) is CA Coastal Clean Up Day! The following website has a list of organized beach clean ups that you can search for by city... some fish will thank you for it:



Bellagio Fountain

I know they seem super cheesy, but Im not ashamed to say that I loved the Bellagio fountains.


September 11, 2008

On my way to work this morning, I passed under this group of enthusiastic individuals taking part in some kind of rally/protest/promotion on a footbridge right before my exit. It was early and overcast, and I couldn't really read their signs from the unwashed windshield of my car. But, by the time I was much closer, I could see that they were protesting the current president, and trying to raise awareness about what information, they were claiming, the government is trying to keep from us.
Interestingly enough, it wasn't until that moment when I saw these protesters, at around 9:15 this morning, that I realized it was the 7 year anniversary of 9/11. I was initially disappointed in myself for forgetting such an important date, but then shifted my attention to this group of people who not only remembered, but made a point of "getting out there" and reminding others about it. Im not neccesarily supporting, specifically, what they were saying, but rather trying to support the fact that they believe in something enough to voice their opinion and try and inspire others to think more critically about something that we all dismiss as "a tragic event".


Someone's Flickr Pics.

I came across these pictures in some google image search i was doing for something (can't remember what). Im not really sure who took them, but I like their eye for taking pictures, and the polaroid'esque style they created them in. I especially like the one of the blue vans.



Crayon Video.

Does anyone remember this video from Sesame Street? It was always one of my favorites, and there is still something so satisfying about watching it. I love the part where they scrape the excess crayon from the tray. Pay special attention to the girls face when she first holds up the crayon, and also the psychedelic music.


Naked For Nirvana.

An interesting story I heard on NPR today. The once naked infant that adorned the cover of Nirvana's "Nevermind" is now 17 years old, and telling his story. While 'his story' isn't particularyly relevant to pop culture, Spencer Elden is telling a story that is worth a listen. It is pretty fascinating to hear the perspective of someone who was so much a part of pop culture, but had no idea at the time. When he was just one year old, Spencer could hypothetically see a 9 foot by 9 foot billboard of himself stretched across the walls of Tower Records. Now, living a typical 17 year old's life, Spencer's story offers an interesting perspective into how pop culture has changed over the past couple decades. To read, or listen, to the entire segment, follow the link below:



Pictures from a Dirty Window.

Some of my fondest times have been spent driving along the 101. It makes for future naustalgic memories, quick decisions trying to remember exactly what exit to take to get to that Mexican restaurant, and hastefuly taken snapshots of the ocean while trying to avoid hitting the side railing. Below is one of many such photos taken from behind my dirty car window somewhere around Pismo Beach.


Mandatory Hawaiian Solar Energy.

Hawaii has become the first state in the US to require solar water heaters in new homes. Starting in 2010 city governments will not issue building permits to homes without solar water heaters. Currently, Hawaii relies on fossil fuels more than any other state, with about 90 percent of its energy coming from foreign countries. Not only will this shift in energy supply curb Hawaii's reliance on fossil fuels, but it will hopefuly also inspire other states to take similar steps towards creating systematic changes in energy consumption. Interestingly enough, the bill was signed into law by a republican governor! Anythings possible.


Magic Eye.

Something just reminded of the magic of the magic eye. Sure they're a little cheesy, and Id likely never put one up in my house, but there really is something magical about them. Whatever your 'viewpoint' of the magic eye, im sure you'll enjoy below:


Photographs by Kasra Eliasieh.

My good friend Kasra Eliasieh recently took a trip to India and Japan, and photographed his journey along the way. Please take a look at his amazing photographs: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kasraeliasieh.
The result is a collection of very professional and inspiring works.


Funs Enough Reason for Me.

Mike LaFavore recently quit his very high ranking position as Meredith Corporation's editorial director. When asked why he was leaving, he responded: "I’m not having as much fun as I’d liked. Editorial director of a company is a tough job... The magazines are in good shape, and I want to get back to doing more editorial work. I just thought it was time.”
Its refreshing to see that even people in high ranking positions know their limits, and are able to consider their own happiness when choosing a career path. I admire his ability to make this decision.


Digital Water.

Water Magazine has a digital version available for free online. Save paper and money.



Im not sure what the word means, but its a great blog. A glimpse into the mind of May Allen, its an inspired collection of unique finding, and some of her own creations. A few of my favorite posts include "Craft" and "2002 Pilgrimage Sketches" (especially the ones drawn in the rain).



My Childhood.

My sister (Samira) and I realized the other day that eating taco truck tacos in the back of my dad's Oldsmobile was one of our earliest memories. I wonder what this says about our upbringing, and our current state as adults? I can vividly recall a carne asada soft taco from when i was four, but not a whole lot more from that time in my life.


Dane Reynolds.

This was made by one of my favorite surfers, Dane Reynolds. It looks like its a photograph of a collage made during a trip in France, probably during a competition. I really like the black and white photos (look closely, some are really great pictures) and the nonchalant way the whole thing was put together.



Going to be the place to be for crafters... no, for everyone! June 14 &15. Brooklyn, NY.
Ill be there with ReadyMade Magazine.




I just remembered Kern's is the best juice ever.


One Mans Teenage Time Capsule.

I think i was doing a google search for Manresa beach once, and somehow came across this guys website "Pictures of My Past..." with pictures from his teenage years growing up in the bay area in the late 70s early 80s. Its always kind of haunting/nostalgic to see old pictures, especially old pictures in places youve grown up in. This is a virtual time capsule of this guys early life. Some of my favorite categories are "My 16th birthday" and "Hi-4H Beach Party".

All plants considered.

This site has every plant genus and species listed, with several pictures and illustrations for each.


South Willard.



Tiny Meat.

I came across Tiny Meat at Maker Fair in San Mateo this past weekend. They make wallets and passport cases out of pictures that have essentially been sandwiched between two layers of clear vinyl. Very durable and unique. I bought the wallet pictured above.
Check out their Etsy store:

Melanie the King.

Melanie King is one of my favorite local artists. A great aesthetic, and a great belief in the principles behind her artwork.