New Fish Discovered

This is a really cool video taken by an underwater robot, of the barrel-eye fish. It has a transparent head!


Office Depot

I was running an errand at Office Depot in Los Gatos the other day, and came across an old Chevy, a big white wolf-dog in the back and a mountain man behind the wheel. The whole scene could have been straight out of 1970. They were about to pull out, so I ran up to them as they were backing up and asked if I could take a picture. He was nice enough to go along with my request, and enthusiastically responded "Well then you have to get one of me and the dog in it too." I ended up chatting with John for a while, and learned about how he likes to roll up to the kids with their "big shiny new trucks" and tell them about how in 40 years their car wont be in half as good of shape as his is. Nice guy. Thanks John.


The Present

Can't wait for the new movie by Thomas Campbell, The Present. Just watching the trailer makes me want to go surf. Check it out:

Tons of premiers coming up in March. Check out the website for times and more info:


Ford Econoline

About a month ago, my brother and I took a road trip through California. One of my favorite things I saw was this old car on the side of the road that had a "FOR SALE" sign posted on it. I had actually passed it once before, a couple weeks earlier when I was on my way to LA, and it caught my eye. But it was a passing glance.
This time I made sure to stop and check it out. We pulled over along hwy 101 to take a closer look. Everything on the car was perfect. It had gotten a new paint job recently, and everything about it was very well kept and well taken care of.
The doors were unlocked, so we climbed in. The interior was awesome, nothing but the shift, a little ash tray and the steering wheel, and it was a 3 gear (didn't even know that existed). Here are the pictures of my dream car, the Ford Econoline: