Free Rug Mania

Last night I posted an ad on Craigslist for a rug I was giving away for free. Its a decent rug. 8x10, woven with a leather trim, from Pottery Barn. It does have a huge worn out area in the middle, something I thought would make it quite undesirable.
Just a few days earlier I posted the same rug for $15. I got a few responses, but no one followed through. In the end I really just wanted to get rid of it, so I posted it for free.
My final count, right before I took down the ad, was 51 responses!
I got all sorts of people saying all sorts of things: "I have the matching runner!" or "I really need a rug to protect my feet from the cold barewood floor" or "I NEED A RUG!" It really made me sad to know that I would have to turn down so many hopeful candidates.
I guess there must be a high demand for rugs? Maybe there is a rug shortage?
In the end I gave it to some guy named Dale. I'm pretty sure he and his girlfriend will give it a good home.

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