Tortilla Press

I recently bought a tortilla press from the Mexican market in Berkeley, along with some Maseca corn tortilla mix (basically dried ground corn).

Making tortillas is a super simple process. Im talkin, at 1pm I think of having tortillas for lunch, and 1:20 pm, Im having tortillas for lunch.
They're the most basic, simple food, and you can eat them whenever. I really recommend getting one for yourself. Its not one of those tools that sounds cool to own, but you never end up using, like a waffle maker.
The stack below is from last weekend when i made these for brunch for my family.


Roya said...

I'm thinkin, I wanted tortillas a few weekends ago, and then, I had tortillas a few weekends ago. And they were the best.

Shirin said...

When can I come over for brunch?!

Sautch said...

I want it.

Saghi said...

yummy! those look amazing.

Karina said...

Nabil, I think you may very well be the only person I know who owns his own tortilla press. How cool, and Yum!!