ReadyMade Closes

For the past year and a half, Ive had the chance to be a part of an amazing company. Irreverent and semi-dysfunctional, ReadyMade was not for everybody, but for those who found something in it, it was everything you wanted a magazine to be. As a devoted fan from issue #2, I knew this was MY magazine. Lucky for me, I was able to contribute to a brand I really believed in.

Today, our corporate offices took over the magazine. The magazine will live on in some form, but dont read it, it won't ever be what it was. ReadyMade was created by a group of people who were the fan base and understood the brand. After today, this model will no longer exist.

Unfortunately, the shutting down of our office was done in a very cold corporate manner.

To ReadyMade's corporate parent company: there was much room for dignity and respect in the way in which things were carried out.

Don't ever doubt the heartlessness of corporations.

To Shana and Grace: An ugly outcome doesn't discredit all the good.

To the one who stayed on: dont be your job.

To my RM fam: id rather say it in person.


mayallen@gmail.com said...

Nicely done Nab. :)

newageynofriends said...


Pedraum said...

Wow, sorry to hear about this. Though not a regular reader I had much respect for the brand, so much more so because of your association with it.

Shirin said...

No way! This post made me so sad. Well said Nab. What's next?